Christopher clevenger-morris

Christopher is the President of the Portage County Young Democrats.

A graduate of Kent State University, Christopher currently serves as the Communications Director and Sergeant-At-Arms for the Ohio Young Democrats, and the Great Lakes Region Director for the Young Democrats of America. He also currently serves as a member of the LGBTQ Advisory Board at the DNC.

Christopher has previously held a number of positions within the Young Democrats of America, including national Deputy Secretary, and Political Director for the LGBTQ Caucus.

Christopher hopes to work with the Democratic Party to build a firewall of young democratic voters across Portage County.


P.J. Errera

P.J. is the Vice President of the Portage County Young Democrats.

A lifelong resident of Portage County, he has been active in previous campaigns for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

P.J. previously served as Secretary of the Portage County Young Democrats from 2017 to 2018. As Vice President he hopes to promote democratic candidates and young people’s involvement across all levels of government in Ohio.


Ashton Narzisi

Ashton is the Treasurer of the Portage County Young Democrats.

A lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio and graduate of the University of Akron, Ashton previously served as the Secretary of the Summit County Young Democrats. 

Ashton currently works as a Compliance Associate with Blue Wave Political Partners. She has previously worked as a fundraising professional for the Summit County Democratic Party, candidates for Congress in OH-14 and OH-16, and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.


matthew cola

Matthew is the Seargent-at-Arms of the Portage County Young Democrats.

After graduating from Kent State University in 2014 he left Northeast Ohio, but was thrilled to return in 2018. His expertise is in areas surrounding higher education and social justice.

Matthew has previously volunteered for various campaigns of Democratic candidates over the years, and is thrilled to be able to continue to serve the party in whatever capacity he can through his membership in PCYD.